We write great content

Dead simple service, painless pricing
Great content and writing by professionals without the gotchas, extras, and up-sells.

We provide great content written by professional writers

Straightforward, easy to understand service.  You need great content; we write great content.

Painless pricing: 8 cents per word (250 word minimum, 1,500 word maximum) delivered at the end of 2 business days.  Custom pricing for anything else.

That’s it.  No need for comparison tables, worksheets, or “quote requests” – transparent, uncomplicated pricing.

Still too complicated?

Let's go through the typical questions asked by clients who have used other writing services.

What are the quality levels offered?

We offer just one quality level – Professional.  Why would you accept anything less? And what exactly is “Standard,” 3 star, 4 star, or 5 star?  If you don’t need Professional level writing, then we are not the service for you.  Visit Textbroker.com or Compose.ly.

What topics / formats to do you write?

Your choice.  If the topic is one that we cannot deliver on, we will let you know and will not accept the order.  If the form of writing that you want is one that we cannot deliver on, we will let you know.

Will all the writing be original, unique?

Without question.  All content is scanned and checked with the same system used by sophisticated content organizations providing access to over 40B sources.

What about revisions?

Included, of course.  Let’s use common sense.

How about pictures and external links?

Included.  We include what we feel makes sense to add value to the content required.   Shouldn’t everyone do that simply as part of the content provided?

Will it be optimized for SEO?

The content is the SEO.  Great content drives SEO, not the other way around.  We write great content.  We understand SEO.  And we KNOW well-written, well structured content is the key.

Is it managed or self-service?

Neither – we don’t know what “Managed” and “Self-Service” means.  Our process is simple.  You place the order, we do the rest.  Do you have the time to pick, vet, and choose writers based on profiles?  Do you believe the cute picture on the profile is their actual picture?  Does it matter?  What matters is that your writing project gets the high-quality content and writing it deserves.

Tell me about the writers

WHO are they?

We have a group of professional writers that have been writing great content for many years, averaging just over 9 years. The majority started out in other academic and professional careers prior to focusing on professional content writing.

WHERE are they based?

Approximately half of our writers are based in the U.S.  Whether they are based in the U.S. or abroad, what matters to us (and should matter to you) is that our writers provide the writing and content you need.

HOW do you hire writers?

We do not hire writers by the job. We are not a marketplace. We will be transparent with you if you have a writing assignment that we are unable to fulfill. We hire writers that work a minimum of 20 hours a week for us on a weekly or monthly wage.

As a result...

We cannot take on all writing assignments.  We do not pretend to have an on-demand pool of great writers that can scale infinitely – really no one does.

Why wait and worry? Get it done now.